Courage is not the
towering oak that sees
the storms come and go,
It is the fragile blossom
that opens in the snow.

Alex Mackenzie Swaim

2020 saw the human enterprise coming across challenges which were at first unanticipated and to say the least, unprecedented. We lost our loved ones, our playfields were left with no chants and our high streets caught the silence of graveyards, causing us to ask bigger, deeper and thought-provoking questions about our shared future ahead.  

But as humans we have always defeated unprecedented challenges, no one fathomed the possibilities from the first flight in 1903 to stepping foot on the moon in 1969 and a rover on Mars in 1997, we have and will always be explorers on the uncharted lands. Today the case is no different!

So, At Brave New World we will share with you those small and big ideas of hope and courage that it's not all Doom and Gloom and we have an exciting future to build and look forward to.